bahceliThere's only one reason why you would want to visit Bahçeli ("with a garden") near Bor and that is to see the Roma Havuzu, the huge (20m x 62m) marble-lined Roman pool fed by water from a spring and probably linked in some way to the aqueduct at Kemerhisar. It is believed to date back to the 2nd or 3rd century. 

Unfortunately since the small cafe beside the pool closed there has been no organised refreshment available at the site. Worse still, rubbish has started to accummulate in the pool itself, detracting from what should be its considerable beauty.

There are, however, picnic tables set up amid a grove of trees beside the pool for those who really do want to make the most of a visit. 

Transport info

Buses from Niğde or Bor to Kemerhisar pass within 4km of the pool. You could walk there but there's no shade along the (flat) road.

Taking a taxi there and back from Bor shouldn't be too prohibitively expensive.

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