Turkey's capital in all but name                      Population: 14.3 million officially (Januaryy 2015), unofficially 16 million 

bikerdogTurkey is one of those rare city's whose biggest and best city is not its capital. In the case of İstanbul this is especially surprising given that it was in the past the capital first of the Eastern Roman Empire, then of the Byzantine Empire and then finally of the Ottoman Empire. But in 1923 Atatürk moved the capital east to Ankara to mark the clean break between his new Republic of Turkey and its Ottoman predecessor.

Unique in that it straddles both Europe and Asia, the great city on the Bosphorus strait spent much of the 20th century in the doldrums. Now though it's back again, and making a big splash on the world stage as a tourism hotspot, especially after its smash-hit year as European Capital of Culture in 2010.

Like all megalopolises modern İstanbul is all things to all people. If you're sipping tea in a cafe overlooking the Bosphorus in spring when the Judas trees are in vivid fuschia blossom you might think it the most beautiful city in the world. If you're changing buses in dreary Dudullu, however, you might think it one of the ugliest.

If you're strolling through Bebek on a balmy summer evening you might think it one of the trendiest places on earth. If you're browsing the market in Çarşamba, on the other hand, you might think it frighteningly conservative.

If you're cruising across to Üsküdar on the ferry you might think commuting was never more enjoyable. If, on the other hand, you're squashed into an overcrowded Metrobus to Avcılar you might think sardines have it easy.

If you're staying in the Four Seasons on the Bosphorus you might think hotels don't come much more wonderfully romantic. If you're putting up in an Aksaray fleapit, however, you might wonder what became of the modern İstanbul about which you've heard so much.

The one thing everyone can agree upon, however, is that İstanbul is achingly historic and you'll need a good three or four days just to tick off the real must-see sights. With only one day in transit you'll be hard-pressed to decide what to prioritise.

Aksaray & Around

Anadolu Hisarı & Küçüksu


Atatürk Bulvarı & Around


Belgrade Forest

Beylerbeyi & Çengelköy






Cibali, Fener & Balat



Divan Yolu

Dolmabahçe & Beşiktaş

Edirnekapı & Around



Fatih & Çarşamba

Florya & Yeşilköy

Galata & Şişhane

Golden Horn

Grand Bazaar Area


Greater İstanbul

Hasköy & Sutluce

İstiklal Caddesi

Kadıköy & Around



Kasımpaşa & Aynalıkavak

Kocamustafapaşa (Samatya)

Küçük Ayasofya & Kadırga



Paşabahçe & Beykoz

Pera & Tepebaşı


Princes' Islands

Rumeli Hisarı & Aşiyan

Sirkeci & Eminönü

Süleymaniye & Around

Sultanahmet & Cankurtaran

Tarlabaşı & Dolapdere



Vefa & Küçük Pazarı



İstanbul accommodation

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