The Roman Cybrista                             Population: 140,000

200 DSC00519The small Central Anatolian town of Ereğli between Karaman and Niğde is worth using as a base for visiting a dramatic Hittite carving at nearby İvriz. In its own right it justifies a pause of an hour or so to see two fine monuments grouped together in the town centre.

Right in the centre overlooking Derviş Bahçeli Meydanı is the newly restored Ulu Cami that dates back to 1425 but is still built in the low-slung style favoured by the Selçuks. Its minaret is ringed with pretty turquoise tiles.

Beside the Ulu Cami is the Rüstem Paşa caravanserai built by Sinan in the 1550s. Sadly it has been locked for the last few years. Nearby the Şifa Hamamı is part of the same complex.

The town also has a small museum (closed Mondays) with a collection of local archaeological and ethnographic bits and bobs. If you don't get to see it it's not the end of the world.


Cherry Garden City and Spa Hotel. Tel: 0332-713 1111  In countryside heading towards İvriz. Very modern and apparently very popular. Local minibuses pass by. 

Özkoçlar Hotel

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There are a reasonable number of buses from Karaman to Ereğli but fewer than you might expect from there to Niğde for Cappadocia. The last bus back to Karaman leaves quite early so check times carefully before startig out. 

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