The Olive Capital                              Population: 52,000

Edremit1The small town of Edremit is tucked into the elbow of the Gulf of Edremit (Edremit Körfezi). The importance of its olive industry is indicated by the giant olives immortalized in statue form as you come in from Akçay. Otherwise, the town is little more than a transport hub where people pause to hop from one dolmuş to another.

If you do need to linger, beside the central park, just a short walk from the bus station, a restored Ottoman mansion houses the A. Sıdıka Erke Ethnographic Museum with many old photographs of the days when the town served as the busy port for nearby Burhaniye. The upper floor contains a collection of costumes and locally used items of passing interest.

Of an older Edremit, only the Kurşunlu Camii, dating back to 1231, survives. Otherwise, on Ülkü Tepesi (hill) the town now lays claim to the tallest statue of Atatürk.There’s also a small zoo here.

Edremit2Heading out of Edremit towards Akçay a lovely wooden mosque stands on the inland side of the road in the suburb of Kadıköy. It was moved here from the village of Kızılcabayır, near İskilip in Çorum province.

Still in precarious use (you’ll fear for your safety as you mount the wooden steps), it could hardly be prettier, with rugs strewn on the floor and pictures of Mecca on the wall. Try the door leading into the minaret, however, and you’ll find it serving as a broom cupboard.Edremit3


Right next door a sprawling antiques emporium sells all sorts of ethnographic bric-a-brac, including old sandıks (dowry boxes) from Balya, near Balıkesir, their inside lids painstakingly painted with ships in full sail.


Although there are perfectly good hotels in Edremit, some of them with thermal facilities, most people will prefer to stay in one of the resorts of the Gulf of Edremit.

Transport info

Fleets of minibuses connect Edremit with the joined-up towns of the Gulf of Edremit (Edremit Körfezi). For the time being the otogar is right in the town centre near the main square with the statue of Atatürk. 

Minibuses to Akçay and Altınoluk leave from a main road bus stand across from the square. 

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Read more: http://www.todayszaman.com/news-286509-nuggets-of-gold-skirting-the-bay-of-edremit.html

Read more: http://www.todayszaman.com/news-287239-nuggets-of-gold--skirting-the-bay-of-edremit.html




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