limon3Between Ayaş and Erdemli on the Eastern Mediterranean coast, the small resort of Limonlu retains slight traces of a hilltop castle rising above an old stone bridge (taş köprü). It overlooks a valley full of plastic greenhouses used to grown the bananas that have taken over from lemons as the most important local product. On its own it's only likely to be of interest to obsessive list-tickers.

From Limonlu the Kayacı Kanyon carves a spectacular route inland. At weekends especially in summer it's very busy with local tourists although mid-week out of season you may have the road mroe or less to yourself. Eventually it descends right into the valley beside an ugly modern mosque where a string of small restaurants are strung out along the river. It's a lovely shady spot where you can also cook for yourself or hire a wooden kiosk to drink tea.

The snag is a fairly hefty drive-in fee if you're not eating. I was also disappointed by the usual litter and by the sight of concrete being used to build new structures in a place of natural beauty while wooden bridges etc stand unrepaired. 

The ride to the restaurants is absolutely spectacular however. Kayaci2

Transport info

All the buses plying the Silifke to Mersin route pass through Limonlu so you could easily hop off to look at the castle should you so wish. To get to the canyon though you really need your own wheels or a taxi hired in Erdemli. 


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