Pancarlik1Travelling south from Mustafapaşa to Soğanlı you will pass a turning on the right that leads to the Pancarlik Vadisi, one of Cappadocia's many under-visited valleys. Not only is the scenery spectacular, with undulating ridges of pink rock and dollops of meringue-like white rock, but there are three rock-cut churches to visit here too.

Most important of these churches is the Pancarlik Kilisesi (Beet Valley), a monastic church housed inside a group of rock cones. The flat ceiling of the church is still completely covered with frescoes in which reds and greens predominate as is the upper part of the small apse and large parts of the north and south walls.

Even when the church is locked you can still see these paintings through the grille gate.panc1Pancarlık Kilisesi

Not far away is the Sarıca Kilisesi which was only discovered quite recently (it was buried under mounds of earth) and which has been completely restored. It stands in splendid isolation and is only open from April through to the end of October.

The church inside the hump of rock is small and has only simple red sketches rather than proper frescoes. Restoration of this church has come in for many awards although already the protective covering is crumbling away. 

Sarica1Sarıca KilisesiThere are small admission fees for these churches. 


The nearest accommodation is in the ugly Gomeda Hotel, a real blot on the landscape. There's a much better choice in Mustafapaşa. 

Transport info

You will need private transport to get to these churches but they are clearly signposted. panc2Pancarlık Kilisesi

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