The Floating Islands

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For those disappointed to arrive in Bingöl and find the town of "1000 Lakes" without a single one to its name it's comforting to discover the Yüzen Adalar (Floating Islands) not far out of town to the east, off the road to Muş.

And guess what? They really do float! Sure, the lake here is not a big one (more of a pond really) but there are three separate grassy islands floating freely in it.

Provided one is close enough to the shore you can jump on to one of them and wait for it to carry you far enough away from land that the caretaker will have to come with a big pole and haul you back to land again.

It's not a major attraction but it is a bit of fun in an area that often seems low on that commodity. 

Originally there were apparently seven of the lakes but four have been lost to grazing so now the lake/pond is fenced off from animals. There's a small pavilion here to grab a glass of tea. Otherwise nothing.

Transport info

You could take the bus from Bingöl to Muş and get out at the junction where you see the sign but you would still have quite a walk to the lake.adalar

Taxi drivers in Bingöl town centre know how to get here.

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