harphot1The first and so far only boutique hotel for miles around, the Harput Butik is a fantastic addition to the accommodation on offer in the Elazığ area. Given that most people come to Elazığ merely to visit Harput it's definitely a plus to be able to stay right in the village, just minutes away from the castle and the many mosques. 

The hotel has been created by rebuilding a string of old houses at the entrance to the village. Another bulding across the road was being renovated while I was there and should add more rooms to the hotel's current 14.

Bedrooms are delightful, a decent size, styilshly decorated and furnished and equipped with some of the extras that make such a difference: tea and coffee-making facilities, a large-screen TV with Al Jazeera in English, and a good, firm mattress. The wifi worked well but there is no air-con. The decor sticks with brown and cream to blend with a ceiling of original wooden beams and built-in wooden cupboards. The blinds will not, I suspect, survive long. harphot2

My bathroom was reasonably sized and had a good, big shower although it was rather let-down by the under-sized sink. In modern style a window with blinds opened onto the bedroom. 

Because this is a historic building there are only stairs and no lifts, making it unsuitable for the disabled. I would have preferred hall lights that were not on a timer which made the stairs more treacherous than they needed to be.

Guests are given a key to the outside door as well as to their room since the different rooms are effectively in different houses just linked by a common reception area.

Lack of space means that there is no formal breakfast room in the hotel. Instead guests take breakfast at the Balakgazi Restaurant which has a panoramic view. Frankly, I think it would have to be a particularly stunning breakfast to justify the extra TL20 charge. On the other hand I didn't find many other options around town. 

Thumbs up: Great location, tasteful decor, comfortable rooms.

Thumbs down: Stairs make it unsuitable for disabled guests. Proximity to the road makes for some traffic noise. Timed light switches makes the stairs somewhat treacherous.

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Tel: 0424-215 1313, www.harputbutikotel.com

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