Black Sea fishing town                    Population: 14,000

bolt1Old name: Tripolis

East of Giresun, the most obvious Black Sea excursion destination is Tirebolu where a castle, probably built by Genoese traders in the 14th century, sits on a rock midway between two harbours. Unfortunately, access to it generally seems to be blocked so you can only admire it from a distance.

Inevitably the inland side of town has been completely concreted over but it’s still very enjoyable to stroll along the waterfront admiring the colourful fishing boats that moor here and watching the men repairing their nets at the end of the day.

Heading back towards Giresun look inland along the riverbed at Espiye and you’ll spot Andoz Kalesi, one of those extraordinary Turkish castles perched on a pinnacle of rock so lofty that it seems to defy anyone to get near it.

Transport info

Dolmuşes to Tirebolu leave from the small bus park just east of Giresun town centre on the coast road.


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