nahita1Just up the road from Niğde's Eski Garaj (local bus station), the Hotel Nahita is ideally placed if you want to do a lot of exploring in the surrounding area. Otherwise it's a very standard high-rise, mid-range business hotel with the big drawback, at least in summer, that it doesn't have air-conditioning in the rooms. 

That said, my second-floor room was very comfortable and managed the best wifi connection in Niğde (which is not saying much actually). The TV also rose to AlJazeera and there was a tub in the bathroom, a big plus in my books. 

But I stayed in May and even then had to leave my window open to be able to sleep comfortably which meant letting in quite a lot of noise from the street (as well as the more enjoyable sound of the call to prayer echoing around the town's many mosques).

Breakfast is served in a first-floor breakfast room whose decor hardly rose above mundane. The choice was good enough though.

The comfortable ground-floor sitting area would be quite a plus if you were travelling in a group.nahita2

Thumbs up: Handy location as regards the local bus station

Thumbs down: No air-con

Tel: 0388-232 3536

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