uygal2It may not have a name that trips off the tongue but the Uygalama (Training) Hotel in Şanlıurfa is housed in what were once two glorious traditional mansions just across the road from Balıklıgöl and right beside the far pricier Hotel El Rüha. Provided you don't expect luxury or too much in the way of service this is a place worth considering for a stay although you might want to look at more than one room before deciding as some are much better than others. 

The first room I tried was big but distinctly drab and had a bathroom on three levels which was hardly ideal. The second, however, was equally large but much better designed so that I felt able to stay for three days. It had  abig double bed and full bedroom fittings as well as a table and chairs by the window to take in a fine view over the rooftops to the castle. 

This time the bathroom was on the level, quite spacious and equipped with lots of hot water. 

The air-con was great although the old-fashioned TV had no foreign-language programming and there was initially a problem with the Internet which requires users to fill out an online form (the hotel is owned by the university so this is a typically bureaucratic nonsense). The system would not accept my details; access was only gained by using a staff member's ID. 

Breakfast is served in a peaceful, inviting courtyard. I visited during Ramazan when it was a somewhat meagre served affair but at other times there may well be an open buffet.

There are LOTS of stairs in this hotel, most of them quite steep, making it completely inappropriate for anyone with mobility issues. uygal4

Thumbs up: Lovely historic hotel in great location

Thumbs down: Many, many steps; fiddly Internet connection; few frills

Tel: 0414-215 5995

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